Justin Daniels – No More Vodka in My Orange Juice

Sherry Gaba, Superstar Rehab Psychotherapist and Lifestyle CoachAbout the Author:Many recommend Justin Daniels brings a new meaning to the term self-made. Recovery is definitely a learning procedure that Justin Daniels understands and today uses to motivate other addicts to discover their own path to recovery. He speaks from his heart and offers guidance and solutions leading to empowerment. Justin is certainly living proof that anyone who wants to can perform a fulfilling sober existence. This version includes an epilogue of existence post-Clarity Way.“No More Vodka in My Orange Juice is more than just another ‘” autobiography ——s effects, which ultimately led to an evergrowing compassion, commitment, and clarity of what addiction treatment can look like when you add purpose and enthusiasm to an application.drunkalogue’ it is an inspirational tale about one guy’A brand new, compassionate approach to addiction recovery by an author who’s successfully recovering himself. He offers successfully owned and managed a tragedy restoration business, construction organization, flooring firm, daycare business, and property holdings. In spite of all his outward achievement, Justin faced his own struggles with addiction. His message provides hit local and national airwaves including CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX News, CNN, NPR Radio, along with national publications Redbook, Psychology Today, Great Housekeeping, and Addiction. After going through two drastically different rehab remains before finding clarity and his purpose in lifestyle, he is living evidence that anyone can achieve a fulfilling and sober existence. Today, Justin is normally on a mission to greatly help others find their personal wellness solution.

Author: Justin Daniels
Narrator: Lelia Rohan
Duration: 02:46:22

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reinvestment burly

Inspiring StoryI must say i enjoyed this book.
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