Karen Haddigan – Secrets of Dating After Fifty: The Insider’s Guide to Finding Love Again

Are you recently single and over 50 (or 60!) and feeling just like a dinosaur in today’s world of dating?re currently dating, great deal of thought or totally focused on life with your puppy, Secrets of Internet dating After Fifty is a vicarious thrill ride that is as entertaining as it is instructive. Two women, one in her 50’ They discover that the scenery has completely changed, potential partners are served up online and there are no guidelines for how to behave.s, take us on a wild trip within their search to discover love later in life.s, the other in her 60’Whether you’ It explores everything from the re-awakening of your internal teenager to sex with aging bodies, how to prevent dates from hell and why you should never ask your wedded friends for dating suggestions. Humorous, insightful and blushingly candid, Secrets pulls no punches. Well, buckle up because Secrets of Dating After Fifty is here now to help.

Author: Karen Haddigan
Narrator: Marlene Goodwin
Duration: 03:58:37

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User Review:

beacon sleeveless

I LOVED reading this book!I LOVED reading this book! There are a lot of useful tips too. I wish I had read this publication eight years ago before I first starting dating again after a 25 year marriage.Ive done online dating and could relate to the majority of the scenarios the authors discussed. Humorous and validating. It had been an easy read and I enjoyed the humor. I have friends who’ll love this book as well.
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